Photoluminescent Raw Materials

Photoluminescent Raw Materials

American Permalight®, Inc. works with high quality, patent-protected strontium-oxide aluminate pigments that are non-radioactive and non-toxic. Due to the processing sensitivity of photoluminescent pigments, we encourage OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to consider the use of Permalight® photoluminescent Masterbatch that already contains the photoluminescent pigments and is ready to use. Permalight® photoluminescent Masterbatch can be added to a variety of different materials, like PU (Polyurethane), PP (Polypropylene), PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), PE (Polyethylene), EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), POM (Polyoxymethylene) and PA (Polyamide). It is therefore excellently suited for manufacturing a wide range of photoluminescent plastic end products. This masterbatch is NOT suited for PC (Polycarbonate). Please contact us for a consultation and our Product Data Sheets!
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Possible Applications:
  • injection-molded parts
  • extruded parts
  • door handles
  • handrails
  • light switch plates
  • and many more plastic parts
Permalight® Rigid PVC Sheets and Flexible Films are also well suited to add a new Life Safety Product aspect to your existing product. A few ideas are:
  • photoluminescent decals for fire fighter helmets
  • photoluminescent hiking and backpacking products
  • armbands and vests
  • combination of reflective and photoluminescent and fluorescent features
For more than 30 years, Permalight® has partnered with manufacturing companies internationally. By supporting our manufacturing partners in adding the photoluminescent product feature to their existing product line, the added Life Safety Product aspect improves an already successful existing product even more for our OEM partners. Contact us with your innovative product idea!

Photoluminescent Raw Materials – DEMO #1

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Photoluminescent Raw Materials – DEMO #2

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