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Building Code compliant UL1994 listed Egress Path Markings

The nationwide building codes now enforce the installation of luminous egress path markings in the emergency staircases of high-rise buildings (administrative / hotel / motel / hospital).

Safety Bumper Guards

Permalight® polyurethane foam guards are your durable Safety Padding, offering impact-protection in many shapes and color combinations. Choose from different mounting options and foam guard lengths.

UL924 listed EXIT Signs

NON-electrical, NON-radioactive Permalight® exit signs are your easy-to-install, maintenance-free emergency lighting solution. Choose from many different designs that fit your building interior.

New York City Local Laws

Why are New York City Local Law 26, MEA-certified Exit Path Markings so very different to NYC Local Law 141, UL1994-listed Egress Path Markings? Learn about the differences here.

Photoluminescent Printable Substrates

The right substrates (flexible Films, rigid PVC sheets, Aluminum) for screen printing, digital printing, plotter-cutting, ADA signage and more. Pick the right glow and code-compliance for your sign projects!


Find specifications and supporting product data for your Code-compliance projects here.

Projects & References

Permalight® Photoluminescent Signs and Markings have been installed in hundreds of buildings nationwide, internationally and even in the ISS. Here you will see a few highlighted projects.

Professional Offerings & Services

We Educate & Inspire professionals to utilize a differentiation strategy within their organization through our virtual education sessions, marketing opportunities, certified partner programs and more!

Photoluminescent Safety Products

Select your Permalight® photoluminescent safety products that glow in the dark for industrial uses; in areas where code-compliance is not required but you want to increase safety.

Photoluminescent Raw Materials

Let us help you with your OEM projects: whether injection-molded or extruded parts; heat-formed or routered.

PERMALIGHT® Certified Partners

View our current Certified Partners across a variety of industries including installers, signmakers, resellers and more.