1500 McConnor Parkway, Schaumburg

Project: 1500 McConnor Parkway

Schaumburg, Illinois 1500 McConnor Parkway is an 11 story office property located in Schaumburg, IL, built in 1999 and nowadays visible from afar with its COMCAST sign on the roof. Photoluminescent Egress Path Markings installed:
  • 82-40708LClick here to shop!
    Handrail Marking, Wall-mounted Perimeter Demarcation, Exit Door Frame + Exit Push Bar Marking
  • 83-1780LClick here to shop!
    Anti-Slip Tape
  • 86-18128 – Staircase Identification Signs, custom-made for this project
  • 83-0783Click here to shop!
    Edge Sealer for the Anti-Slip Floor Tape
  • 82-60204Click here to shop!
    Door Handle Backings
  • 82-44151LClick here to shop!
    Obstacle Marking
  • 86-42867FClick here to shop!
    Man Running Sign [right]
1500 McConnor Parkway - Egress Path Markings
1500 McConnor Parkway – Egress Path Markings