Dream Hollywood Hotel

Project: Dream Hollywood Hotel

Los Angeles, California The DREAM Hollywood Hotel is located just one block away from famous Hollywood Blvd where L.A.’s rich film and entertainment heritage is celebrated. Designed by award-winning firm The Rockwell Group, the DREAM Hotel opened in 2017 with modern aesthetics and 178 artfully decorated guest rooms. UL1994-listed Egress Path Markings installed:
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    Aluminum Strips
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    Black Anti-Slip Tape on the upper approach and last step of each flight to address California Building Code “Visually Impaired” requirements
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    Edge Sealing Acrylic Lacquer for the floor installed marking edges
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    Handrail Marking, Wall-mounted Perimeter Demarcation Lines, Vestibule and final Exit Door Frames and Push Bars
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    Man Running Signs
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    Obstacle Marking
Dream Hotel - Photoluminescent Egress Path Markings
Dream Hotel – Photoluminescent Egress Path Markings